Last updated 25.3.2024

Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK is an expert body of the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is appointed by the Ministry on a proposal from the scientific community. TENK was established by decree in 1991 to handle ethical issues related to scientific research and to promote research integrity.

According to the decree, TENK

  • strengthens the operating culture in accordance with the principles of research integrity
  • engages in research integrity education and training;
  • develops the process of handling alleged violations of research integrity
  • intensifies networking nationally and internationally
  • develops open communication
  • applies good international practices in Finnish research integrity.

TENK guarantees the ethics and quality of research by

  • preventing research misconduct in all scientific disciplines
  • drawing up national guidelines
  • organising seminars and promoting education
  • coordinating the ethical reviewing of the human sciences
  • networking and exerting influence both nationally and internationally

TENK supervises research integrity by

  • following and compiling statistics on violations of research integrity
  • issuing statements on the investigations of alleged violations of research integrity
  • providing advice in problematic situations

The Decree on the National Board on Research Integrity (1347/1991) is available in the Online Statute Book of Finland (in Finnish and Swedish). The offices of the National Board on Research Integrity is located within theĀ Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

For further information, see the Government Project Register (in Finnish).

The Finnish National Board On Research Integrity TENK meets a minimum of 6 times a year. Check the next meetings here.