Last updated 1.11.2021

Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK was founded in 1991 to address ethical questions relating to research and to the advancement of research ethics in Finland (Decree 1347 of 15 November 1991). 

According to the decree, TENK shall

  • Make proposals and issue statements to governmental authorities on legislative and other matters concerning research ethics.
  • Act as an expert body working towards the resolution of ethical issues relating to research.
  • Take initiative in advancing research ethics and promote discussion concerning research ethics.
  • Monitor international developments in the area and take actively part in international co-operation.
  • Inform the public about research ethics.

TENK's action plan for the term 1.2.2019-31.1.2022 (pdf)

Read more about TENK's functions in the annual reports.

Promoting the responsible conduct of research and handling alleged violations are primarily the responsibility of the organisations conducting research. When alleged misconduct has been reported and the report has been finalised by the organisation, the party dissatisfied with the ruling may request a statement from TENK.

In its other activities, TENK focuses on promoting the responsible conduct of research, as well as formulating and publicising common guidelines in co-operation with the research organisations.

Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK, which is nominated by the Ministry of Education and Culture for a term of three years at a time, meets seven times in a year. See Members of the Board.