Investigation of allegations

Last updated 22.4.2024

Alleged violations of research integrity (so-called RI violations) are investigated in the research organisation where the alleged violation occurred. The process of handling alleged violations of research integrity, or the RI process, must be followed in all organisations committed to the RI guideline (PDF). In the following, the term organisations refers to organisations that have committed to the RI Guidelines.

If a notification of an RI violation (past or ongoing) is submitted, the organisation needs to initiate the RI process. The director of the organisation is responsible for ensuring that the RI process is followed throughout the investigation. The director’s responsibility is to make the decisions, but this responsibility needs to be transferred to another party if there is a conflict of interest.

The principles of good governance and regulations on disqualification in the Administrative Procedure Act apply in the RI process. Investigating alleged RI violations is part of the self-regulation of the research community.

Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK assesses research from the perspective of research integrity. In its statements, TENK only takes a stand on questions related to research ethics, i.e. whether the RI process has been carried out in accordance with the Finnish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and Procedures for Handling Alleged Violations of  Research Integrity in Finland (PDF), and whether good research practice has been violated.

Read more about the process of handling alleged violations of research integrity (the RI process) from the RI guidelines (PDF).

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