TENK could not rule out an RCR violation concerning materials used in a conference presentation (TENK 2022:21)

Based on a conference abstract published by technology professor A and doctoral researcher B at university X, a research group in the field of natural sciences suspected that the presentation had included material collected by researchers at X without permission. In its preliminary inquiry, university Y decided that A and B had been guilty of irresponsible conduct but that the severity of the act did not constitute an RCR violation.

In their request for a statement to TENK, the researchers of university X expressed their dissatisfaction with the completed RCR process and the fact that no RCR violation was found. The researchers requesting the statement considered that an investigation proper should be initiated in the matter.

After examining the materials, TENK could not rule out an RCR violation concerning the materials used in the conference presentation. Therefore TENK stated that the university should launch an investigation proper in accordance with the RCR process.