Shortcomings related to the quality of a Master's thesis did not prove to be RI violations (TENK 2023:6)

Person A submitted a notification of a suspected RI violation to the university's President, according to which Master’s degree student B in social sciences and economics was guilty of research misconduct in terms of plagiarism, misappropriation, fabrication and misrepresentation of observations, as well as misleading the scientific community, which could be interpreted as disregard for good research practices.

The conclusion of the preliminary investigation carried out by the university was that B was not considered guilty of research misconduct or disregard for good research practices and that there was no reason to start an investigation proper. A was dissatisfied with the decision and the RI process carried out by the university.

In its statement, TENK stated that the RI process had been carried out appropriately and that B, who graduated with a Master's degree, had not committed an RI violation in their thesis. The evaluation criteria of the faculty that conducted the investigation allows for quality deficiencies in Master's theses. TENK does not comment on the evaluations of theses in its statements.